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VDC France positions as a representative of the knowledge has the french lifestyle with a catalog of quality raw materials from France or in Europe, for one of the varied customers avid to consume healthy and flavourful products for a better quality of life. Our objective is to surround itself with the best manufacturers to facilitate the processing of these products in the country of load. For any rentability we work in close collaboration with our customers to associate quality and service for better one for all our importers and distributors (by adapting quality standards by constraints country).

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Labour way - tailored products

The current environment requires us to review any offer its market positioning for it forms part without difficulty in the eating culture. For this, we need to invest time and studies to define the specifications with our customer to develop a specific product these expectations. Our requirement is to arrive to associate the aesthetic taste while keeping the price criterion in the heart of the negotiations.
Type of product :
private label of customer
White brand (without)
Licensed brand

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The sale has distance is a growth sector and is going to allow has our individual customers to be able to reconcile the useful has the pleasant by being able to benefit the lifestyle has the Frenchwoman in a click. Our crédo is to arrive has to analyze trends in consumption and to offer an offer in report(relationship) to customer expectations while remaining competitive in price(prize) and in service(department). For that purpose, we stay pout any specific quotation requests (marriages, family events etc.) has your listening to offer you our services(departments) has the card(map).

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